Eloqui E-Cash Up for Grabs!
lawgurl80207 wrote in fatshionista
So, during my last Eloquii purchase, I earned two e-Cash cards, but I'm not finding anything I really want. But I really don't want these to go to waste, so here's my gift to you.

Each code can be used once for $25 off of $50. Valid until 1/13/13. Please let me know if/when you use a code. Happy New Year!

Online Code 1: 78161838507

Online Code 2: 56308716507

2013 wardrobe challenge
msredkitty wrote in fatshionista

I'm on a self imposed clothing fast. I have too many clothes, more than anyone needs, really. I am very conscious of the waste I've created by consuming consuming consuming over the years. I am also becoming aware that a lot of my consumption (with clothing specifically) comes from a deep place of insecurity and low self esteem. Oddly, the better I've been feeling about myself through eating healthier, moving the best I can and being inspired to love my size/shape through YOU ALL, the less I seem to need to buy.

So I'm trying to go 3 months without buying a single item of clothing. If I can do that I'm going to try another 3 months and on and on. I've given myself a few allowances.

1) necessary shoes. I have two pairs that need to be replaced fairly soon. One is a pair of workout shoes, the other is a pair of work shoes. Come summer busy season I'll need to replace my work shoes.

2) Any "staple" that gets destroyed or becomes unwearable. A staple for me is probably my jeans, a black dress, my good bra or my work "uniform". If any of those get eaten by a veloceraptor, I'll probably replace.

3) underwear. I have asked for new underwear for my birthday. I haven't replaced mine in... Well, lets just say I'm a size or two different and have added a kid. It's been awhile. Sad.

And, that's it.

I want to finish my knitting projects and hem those pants that are in my closet and finally finish that skirt I started and get the nerve to wear that one dress and maybe cut up that other dress and make something new.

Anyone want to join me in a remix/refashion/recycle challenge? Any good inspiration blogs? Anyone doing something similar?

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