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Swimsuit strap alteration
chrysarose wrote in fatshionista
I need to alter a swimsuit and I need suggestions on the best way to go about it. I really wish I had time to post pictures of the suit but I'm swamped with work and getting ready for leaving on vacation tomorrow, so I'm very short on time! Anyway, the suit has two straps, think like normal bra straps that attach from the shoulder and over the back. What I WANT is to convert the straps into a halter- but I'm not trying to permanently alter it and I don't have time/don't know how to cut and re-sew it and get super crafty. So I need a quick solution- some way that I can hold the straps together in the back so that it looks like a halter in the front and crossed in the back kinda. I hope that makes sense... I know pictures would be helpful! So I'm trying to figure out how to attach the straps to each other in the back, and um... a safety pin sure wouldn't look too good! So I want something that looks more purposeful, or maybe something decorative like it was meant to be there. The suit is black and white polka dots. So what? Like maybe a ring of some kind or like tying it with a ribbon or binding the straps together with something, but what? I don't know. Y'all are super creative and imaginative with your clothing so if you've got ANY ideas let me know! :)

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One thing to consider before you do this: Have you tried a halter swimsuit on? Was it comfortable? If you're busty, a halter swimsuit can be very hard on your neck.

(Just noticed you're not making a permanent alteration. Less of a concern, that way, since you can go back.)

I am very busty yes and halters can be hell on my neck and shoulders but more with bras and wearing them alllll day! I'm not going to be in the pool for hours and hours at a time, so I'm not worried about that. Plus I loooooove me some halters! I think the style sort of lifts the girls up nicely and I like the look.

When I was a kid, my aunt tied a big ribbon bow on the two straps to tie them together so they wouldn't slip off. It kind of made it look like a racer back. I think that's the idea you've got with the ribbon.

If you don't want something permanent, and you don't have a sewing machine, this is probably a good solution.

ditto! only my mom used a bow-style hairclip; one of the spring loaded ones.

I was thinking about that option, a hairclip... would it hold the straps well in the back do you think? I wouldn't want the spring to snap open somehow accidentally!

i guess it depends on the actual clip being used. i was just a kid at the time, so i didn't have breasts and thus don't know how that would affect the fit. i say, find a clip with a very strong latch and give it a try. good luck!

Racer back! I think that's what I'm thinking of. Thanks, couldn't think of the exact term and style. But yeah like that!
I do have a sewing machine, just not a lot of sewing skills or time! And something easier that could be reversible would probably be a better idea.

I actually do this with my swimsuits as well. I have used a hairtie or strong lace of some type and tied it in the middle. That way you can remove it if you want and don't have to worry about it snapping open.

If the suit is black you can use a elastic hairband, cut it open, wrap it around a few times, tie it so the knot faces the inside, and cut off any slack.

It has worked for me and really keeps the ladies in place.

Ooof, I missed this before posting. What bornbent said.

Without sewing? Hair ties. Go to Longs or Walgreens or the grocery store and buy a pack of thick black hair bands and loop or knot it around where you want to join the suits. You could even cut one and make a bow. These things are water proof and amazingly stretchy and durable. I taught Patri how to use one to extend the clasp on pants that have become too small by slip knotting it around the hole and looping over the button. Fat girls have all the best tricks.

I always have to do this to suits because otherwise they're too big in the back (oh the joys of ginormous boobs and small ribcages) and I've always just used elastic hair ties. However, if you want it to look good and not like the bathing suit is too big for you, I would definitely go with ribbon or something matching. My most recent bathing suit had dangly things I didn't like and I cut them off and used them to tie the back together. However, with black is would be as easy as tying a ribbon around and maybe using a few stitches with a thick thread (like a polyester or something) to hold the bow in place. I think it would look super cute!

I've done it with a larger (10ga+) ball closure ring. I crank them down tightly with ring closing pliers so the bead can't pop out while I'm swimming or whatever. But that being said, I'm a piercer and pretty much always have tools and jewellery handy. I do think it looks cool, though!

This is so clever and I never would have thought of it!

Thanks! I use them all the time for attaching stuff, ha ha..

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