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new venezia jeans sizes/fits, old navy extended sizes?
the beam
amye wrote in fatshionista
I was at LB today and I decided to take a look at the new denim they were putting out, since I overheard one of the salesgirls saying that they had been re-sized again. I haven't been able to fit in to any LB jeans in at least 2 years, so i thought I'd give them a shot and see if maybe by some fluke they would fit. Well, I was in for a surprise. They no longer carry sizes 14-28 in their jeans, instead they have sizes 1-8. You have to have your waist measured with their special measuring tape to find out which size you need, and then you have to find out your fit-style, of which they have three: red, blue, and yellow. The fits are all COMPLETELY different. Apparently this is a result of some huge 3-year-long data collection on their part. Anyway, I usually have to go to Avenue to buy size 32 jeans, but I ended up fitting relatively well into the Blue 8's. Supposedly they will eventually have sizes 9 and 10 on the website, but from what I see now they don't have these new sizes on the website at all. Anyway, I really like the fit of the Blue style, aside from them being a little more high-waisted than I am used to. They are actually fitted through the ass and the thighs, areas where jeans usually are baggy on me when I get them to fit in the waist/hips. In any case, I'd be curious to see what everyone else's opinion of them is. Although the sales girl did annoy me a little when she told me that based on my measurements I should wear a size ten, then opened her eyes really wide and said "TEN! isn't that so much better to hear than 30 or 32!!" ... Whateeever.

I also discovered yesterday that Old Navy is selling up to size 30 in some of their bottoms online, which I was excited about. I ordered a pair of jeans and a skirt, and I hope they fit, because I have been coveting ON jeans for a while but have always been too fat for them. Has anyone ordered their size 28-30's yet? If so, how true to size were they for you?

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Ahhh! That's so good to hear! I've been so mad at LB for changing their ridiculous sizing the past few years, where older jeans of mine in much lower sizes fit perfectly yet their newer jeans never did. This makes me want to run out and buy some now! Great news, thank you so much for posting this!

Also-- I never ordered ON jeans in 28-30 but their larger cotton/stretchy type pants fit me beautifully, so I'm hoping their new jeans sizes do, too! Very exciting. I'm so glad that I might have an option for non-mom-jeans again!

"TEN! isn't that so much better to hear than 30 or 32!!"

oh, i would've just slapped her in the face! just kidding. but i'm sure i would've had a look of horror on my face like none other.

Your icon is truly outrageous.

And it makes me happy.


My favorite LB clerk has been talking to me about these jeans for over a month now and she never mentioned that they weren't going to have real sizes on them!! That really just sort of bothers me. Meh.

Aside from that she mentioned to me last week that she was finally able to try on a pair and that she LOVED them. I've been excitedly waiting for my opportunity to try them out because I, like so many others, have been completely unable to wear any bottoms from Lane Bryant in YEARS.

The jeans were in the stores already? I thought I was told they weren't coming out until mid week or so... Hmmm... must go to store during lunch break and try them out!

I bought two pairs of the Old Navy 30 jeans, and I'd say they're pretty true to size, as I'm usually in between a 28 and a 30, and the 30s are a little big.

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can you fill us in on these different fits? How do they work? Do they measure different parts of your body?


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Thank you for all that. I know where I"m heading after work today!

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The sizes go up to 12 I believe but they stop at 8 in the store. I got measured yesterday at our store meeting and I'm an 11. Unfortunately I have to order my jeans through LB2me but I'm really hoping they fit nice. The other employees tried their on and they honestly look nice and fit well.

What is an 8 equivalent to in regular LB sizing? A 28?

I'm curious about that special measuring tape, too. Is it just marked 1 - 12 instead of in inches? Seems... odd.

The sizes 14 - 28 and the new jean sizes aren't related at all. So if you were a 14 in the old jeans, it doesn't mean you'd be a 1 or 2. You could be a 6, 7 or 8.

The jean measuring thing is on the other side of the bra measuring tape. (It's gray). I believe the tape goes up to fifteen. Someone measures your hips and the number they get is the number you are in the jeans. (They measure from where hips are or wherever you like to wear your jeans.)

I've been waiting for this for so long.
I hope that this is finally the answer to my pants problems. If they don't have a fit style that is large enough in the waist, but narrow enough in the hips for me, I may just have to switch to skirts full time and be done with it.

Thanks for the heads up!

I hear you! I dont know if I'm deformed or what but my waist is huge and my hips, thighs and butt are not. All jeans either hurt from being too tight in my waist or are so baggy in the thigh/hips that they look ridiculous.

I'm willing to try them

While I love the idea of different fits, the whole new sizing thing pisses me off.

"OMG!! I'm a 4, not a 20!!! I'm not longer fat!" Just one more arbitrary fucking number for me to remember.

"Yeah mom - for xmas, go ahead and get me clothes - if it's JR. Plus, I'm a 3X. Or a 22/24. If it's from the Avenue, I'm a 2x, or an 18 on top if it's a knit; if it's got buttons, go with the 20 for tops, 18 for pants. At LB, you can get me tops that are 20's, or 18/20 (but not 18), bottoms that are 20, unless they are 4..."

Whatever. That said, if they make non-stretch jeans with the new sizing I'll check them out.

oh good, another reason to hate lane bryant. ugh.

Thanks for the tip about Old Navy! I just put an order in for mine. I hope they work for me. Traditionally their fit has been great for gals who have a wide waist but a not-so-huge butt.

And the new Lane Bryant sizing system, which requires the assistance of an employee to get what you need, sounds like a real hassle.

Why is it a hassle if you need an employee to help you? Isn't that what they're there for?

If you've ever tried to find an employee to open a dressing room when its busy in LB, you know why its a hassle.

I work at LB, so I know how it is.

Yeah, so you know from the other side how much it sucks when it seems like there are only 2 people working the whole store, and there are lines at the register and at the fitting rooms, arg!

Is it against policy or something to leave the fitting rooms unlocked?

I know from a customer's stand point that it sucks when there's only two people working in the store. But you have to understand it sucks from the employee's side as well. I've have been working in the store many times when it's just been me and another manager. Sometimes people call out, or sometimes people or late, or maybe the manager didn't schedule enough people for that shift. We'll get a ton of people in the store and it's hard to manage everyone. We have to make sure we greet / talk to everyone, talk about the card, talk about the sales, let people in fitting rooms, see if we have something, get another size for someone, tell people about LB2Me, get things down from high shelves, make sure we cover the front, straighten up, put things back on hangers, etc. Yes, that's our job but when there are lines at the fitting rooms and lines at the registers and the store is swamped it's hard to give the customers the attention they need or want. The manager can help, but whoever is working the front cannot leave to go to the back because of stealing / theft rules.

We're not allowed to leave the door open because of theft rules. If we see an open door we have to make sure the room is rid of tags, hangers, trash and clothes and close the door to lock it.

Whoa, sorry for writing a book haha.

Dude, I do understand that it sucks from the employee's side as well, hence "you know from the other side how much it sucks." I was trying to empathize. ;) I was just wondering about the door thing because it seems so inefficient, and it sounds like it is. Stupid theives, ruining it for everyone.

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of theft happens in the fitting room. But, we're told as employees to "stay on top of people." Mentally make note of how much they have in the fitting room, check back on them to see what does and doesn't fit, etc etc. That's kind of hard to do when the store is swamped and thieves know that. :/

I hate shopping through an intermediary, unless that intermediary is a real pro. It seems to me the fastest and easiest way to get the merchandise is self-service. Also, the Lane Bryants near me are always understaffed, and the salespeople are hit-or-miss in the helpfulness and patience department.

Point taken, but the helpfulness and the patience goes both ways. I think a lot of LB's are understaffed.

My thoughts are that if LB is going to make the jeans-shopping experience more individualized and service-dependent, they should make the appropriate investment in staffing (whether that means more salespeople or more qualified salespeople) in order to pull it off.

Does this mean that they will have more employees in the store? It's always such a hassle to find someone to help you in some stores.

Although the sales girl did annoy me a little when she told me that based on my measurements I should wear a size ten, then opened her eyes really wide and said "TEN! isn't that so much better to hear than 30 or 32!!" ...

That would have made me not buy the jeans.

I'm not much of a pants-wearing kind of girl, but lately I have been contemplating buying a couple pairs of jeans for knocking around in. I've eyed up the ones in LB, but could never quite make up my mind because 1. I don't have the faintest clue what type of jeans I would wear and 2. they don't seem to come in black and I don't wear anything but.

Combine that with the added hassle of having to have a stranger touch me (I don't like people touching me, especially people I don't know) to figure out what size I should be wearing (not to mention the fact that I would disagree with the size, I like my pants baggy), and I officially do not dig on that shit.

thanks for posting this! i was in LB recently and saw a "1" and a "6" on a rack (but those were the only two items i saw) and i'm like "wtf????" and the "1" was very small (not a true size 1 but definitely not able to fit me), and the "6" looked reasonable but i just figured it was some kind of messed up error, so i didn't bother to think about it. but it annoyed me that they had "small" sizes at LB, like they were changing or something. now i know!

i don't think that a "10" is any better than a 30/32, personally. ESPECIALLY because at LB, you should be accepted at any plus size, because that's what teh store is FOR. i never really went there thinking "OMG someone might see that i have to buy a TWENTY FOUR!" because the store caters to larger sizes. so if they're renumbering, does that mean that we're supposed to be ashamed of our large sizes in a large size store?


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