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Your grandma’s panties
mochasobsession wrote in fatshionista

So yesterday I went to Lane Bryant.  They had bras on sale and I need some new bras.  I bought two cotton full coverage bras with no under wire.  One in baby blue and one with yellow and purple stripes I think they are pretty.  When I tried them on I thought “boy these are comfortable but they sure do look old maid ish”.  After that I sashayed over to the panties that were on sale. I picked up a pair of briefs and noticed a man sitting their looking at me.  I wondered I if he was asking himself why I was picking up a pair of grandma panties.  I didn’t have the energy to sift through the bins anyway so I moved on to the cashier. 


So I have a secret…I actually like briefs and full coverage bras.  I’m ashamed to say it sometimes cause I feel like as liberated women especially, fat liberated women (what ever that is) we’re supposed to were sexy lacey undergarments with thongs and g-stings.  But that’s not me.  Now from time to time and with the right outfit I will throw on some sexy underwear on but give me my cotton briefs and full coverage bra with no under wire and I’m in heaven.  Once I dated a woman who saw my underwear drawer and was like “are these your period panties?!?!” Embarrassed I rushed out and brought new sexy underwear.


It’s more comfortable panties I’m concerned about than bras.  I really hate thongs.  That ish up my butt is just irritating.  And I don’t know what it is about panties if it’s the way I walk or sit but I spend a considerable amount of time pulling my panties out of my ass so the wider the crotch the better.  (TMI I know.)   


Does anyone else share this love of briefs?  What is the big deal anyway?  As long as their clean and have no holes in them why can’t briefs be sexy?   

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i've said it before and i'll say it again: NANNACHIC.

my true preference is pure cotton, black undies. all black all the time. except for when they are red and spotty and orange and purple and green and stripey. full briefs, trunks, boxer shorts. women's and men's.

bonds make the best undies ever:

Once I dated a woman who saw my underwear drawer and was like “are these your period panties?!?!” Embarrassed I rushed out and brought new sexy underwear.

my period panties are invisible. i freebleed! do any other fatshionistas freebleed too? it's very comfy and very liberating.

Please define. :)

freebleeding, i guess, is a form of radical menstruation. basically it means that from start to finish, i just bleed. nothing inside of me or outside of me to stop my flow. when i'm at home or in bed, it's just me, a sarong and a towel. outside of that, i try to not even wear undies. my periods are happy this way.

What about when you go out in public while on your period???

yeah...that's what I want to know, too!

the biohazards of this make my skin crawl and stomach turn

It's just some of your own blood being soaked up by a towel...sheesh.

i go out in public. i go to the bathroom when i feel myself getting squidgey. that's all i do!

Wow. You must bleed a lot more lightly than I do. I can go from clean to bleeding through my pants and running down my leg in about 10 seconds. Definitely not enough time to get to the restroom. Good for you, though. I hate tampons and pads. I've been using a menstrual cup for years.

:) I have done the same when I am free to go to the bathroom as needed. It works well and certainly has made me more aware of slight changes and what is going on with my body. Of course, I don't always have the freedom to attend to needs immediately, so at those times, I use cloth pads.

Thanks for sharing and opening the discussion to one more possible approach to living in these female human bodies. Sorry you've had to deal with others' anxieties here.

I like to not wear anything to bed on light days, but other than that I can't quite see how this would work....

it works. for me and millions of other women. obviously it's a very personal thing, so it may not be right for you! what makes me happy is when people find ways of bleeding that feel right to them. i think we are both satisfied by our own chosen methods of bleeding. that is good!

But why go through the trouble of washing up constantly and the nuisance of stained clothes when you can just wear a pad? What do you have against pads? I don't get really...

I'm sorry you wound up getting attacked over this.

Actually, on the days my flow is light enough, I prefer to use nothing, too, and just try to stay cleaned up. It works well enough, though if I were a heavier bleeder (like I was in high school) it wouldn't be possible for me. Anyway, I see how it could work.

it's ok :) i feel comfortable with everything i have said, and i know i'm not a biohazard. and i feel supported and encouraged by hearing from those who have voiced their opinions in a non-judgemental way.

high school bleeding can be hell. srsly! i bled every year of highschool (12 - 18), and i was so embarrassed of it and anxious from it and dreaded my period. now, not really at all. in fact, i really kind of like it :)

I too feel bad about how you got attacked over this, but I'm glad you're not letting any of it get to you either. It'd be interesting to freebleed, but I just don't have a good flow or lifestyle for it. It's cool that you not only have strong beliefs and you excercise them as well. :-)

And guys, it's her uterus (all the rage in Europe, mind you ;-)), stop riding the paranoia train. The world isn't completely sanitary, and that's actually a good thing. Someone freebleeding in their own home != nuclear fallout. Jeez.

I often prefer to go without underwear (and sitting or laying down on a towel or a folded up old sheet that can be bleached out afterwards) while on my period at home. I've never worn tampons and pads always get all scunched up anyway so it's much more comfortable to not even bother.

It's just some of your own blood, for gods sake, not a nuclear meltdown. =)

dude is that an image of michael mcdonald in your profile?

It's actually supposed to be Kenny Rogers!! It's one of the pieces from my Kenny Rogers artwork's always entertaining to see how NOT like Kenny they sometimes look. I have a velvet one in which Kenny looks a lot like Burt Reynolds!

it was between kenny and michael. it's totally kenny, i see it.

i greatly admire the fact that you have a collection of kenny rogers artwork.

Thank you! I only have four pieces currently buy I'm always stalking eBay for the next great addition!

Wow -- given the firestorm I pretty have to respond. Yes, I freebleed often. On the first couple of days I usually wear a cup, 'cause my flow is quite heavy on those days. But then I leave off wearing anything. No pads, because I don't wear underwear, except to go shopping. (And I have a few washable pads for just in case. Not sure in case of what -- I haven't used them except to try them out when I first got them.)

Yes! I love bonds undies, they're the only ones I wear!

big ups! woohoo! i'm a happy fatgirl in my bonds undies!

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