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Fat Lady Clothes

Because My mom and I are both plus-size women who shop in plus size sections and stores, and for years we've referred to "plus size" clothing as "fat lady clothes".

So yes, I often shop in department stores such as Sears and Macy's, and as we all probably know, it is sometimes difficult (if you don't know that particular store) to find the plus size clothing sections... and so I often find myself asking sales people, "where is the plus size section?" Only I say, "Excuse me, where are the fat lady clothes?"

I'm not sure how my personal references found their way out in to the open like that, but they did and they are correct. The clothing that I'm looking for IS fat lady clothing.

But oh the reactions I get from sales people. It's really always sort of comical the obvious embarrassment that shows on the faces of these people as they struggle to find something to say. Most of them pause for a moment, then laugh nervously when they tell me the plus size section is on the second floor behind luggage.

The other night my husband and I were in Target and I was shopping the clearance racks. I've noticed that Target will mix "regular" sizes with their plus sizes when merchandising their clearance racks, and because I'm using a wheelchair for shopping purposes right now (I had ankle surgery a few weeks ago), I just went ahead and asked the two sales girls who were straightening the racks if there were any "fat lady clothes" on the racks that were further away from me. This turned in to a whole big to do as both of them started talking about how I wasn't fat (as a size 20-22, I most certainly AM fat, thank you) and that I shouldn't refer to myself or my closing in such derogatory terms... and so I smiled and accepted that and one of them found me a pair of $5 slacks on the last clearance rack. I thanked them and wheeled away and that was that...

Except that I felt really stupid then. I shouldn't have just accepted it, I should have said, "Hey! There's nothing wrong with referring to myself as fat or my clothing as fat lady clothes because that's what I am! That's what they are, and there's nothing wrong with that!"

But I didn't... I just rolled away.

Anyway, my point is to challenge you to openly refer to "plus size clothing" as "fat lady clothes" when you're out shopping and see what reaction you get. Do you think if someone challenged you on that reference you'd correct them, or would you giggle it away like I did?
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