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exersize tips
high times
I am looking to get more active, the only trouble is I'm not too sure how to start. I don't have access to a gym, and right now I can't do anything that causes my blood pressure to go up due to some neurological stuff. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Fantastic jammies?
Hi, fats! I have two events in the new year that will require wearing pyjamas in public, so I'm starting my search now. I wear 26/28, and am in Canada, though I travel to the US fairly often. I'm looking for something in the flannel pj/onesie kind of area, rather than sexy nightgown/lingerie. Any ideas? Bonus points for geek themes.

looking for plus sized raingear
One of the expectations of my new job turns out to be that I am regularly outside for quite some time in torrential rain.

Any recommendations on where to get truly waterproof raingear in plus sizes? I am in need of both rainpants and a (hopefully somewhat longish) rain jacket. (Probably a 22 or so in pants. At least 24 to 26 in the jacket, or maybe a bit bigger so I can layer under it in super cold weather.) Ideally the pants at least would be available in lengths for super short people, as I am under 5' tall and suspect it is not actually possible to effectively hem waterproof garments. I looked around a bunch on line with no success so far, but I am hoping what I need does actually exist somewhere.

ton of ootds!
Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you all a few ootds over the past few months. I wore a huge variety of different things and I'd love to know which look is your favourite? <3

Finally had the chance to go swimming and wear my asos curve fatkini! You can read the rest of this post/check out more photos here.
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me 2007
Here are some outfits I've worn in the last month. This first picture is me wearing the same dress in different colors. I wore the black dress to brunch & the blue one to run errands on the same day. Both are from Gwynnie Bee. If you click on that link to sign up, you get a free month & I get a free garment for a month. I haven't mentioned this here before when I post photos, but I am now because they are ending that offer on September 30th. I also run a GB customer group on Facebook, The Girls of GB...we have a lot of fun there. It is an extremely active group.
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Romping Around
Hey Fats and Friends!

Just wanted to share this OOTD. The romper is not ideal for bathroom breaks (make sure you can unzip yourself before you leave the house!), but oh-so-cute. Romper is from Forever 21, Shoes are Clarks, and Bag is Coach. My blog is maybliss.ca, if you're interested :)

Selfies Because Yes
card, fat, library, lesbian, nerdy
I was in a dressing room yesterday and I was just like 'oh man, I look cute today', so I took some cheesy mirror selfies and I figured I'd share them here. My mom went to Chicago and brought me back the scarf, which I love, and the shirt is from Walmart. The jeggings are from Dots (RIP, like seriously sad).
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Torrid Jeggings? Do they loosen as you wear them?
pink, windows
It is this pair that I am speaking of. I've read reviews saying that they do stretch out as you wear them like most jeans do, but I've also read reviews saying that they do not. I've tried them on, and I'm wondering whether to go with the size that fit perfect from the start or whether to go with the size that was a bit snug in anticipation of them stretching out. Hoping someone here has some experience with them :)

me 2007
A few outfits I've worn lately that I liked. This first one is a kimono shirt from Kiyonna & a vintage sari wrap skirt from Enwrapture Vintage.
I am giving away a brand new skirt like this on my blog, if you'd like to enter here.
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Plus size wetsuit/surfsuits?
Do they exist?

My husband and I are planning a pretty water activity intensive honeymoon for spring in the Caribbean.  He was able to find himself a wetsuit that will fit him with no trouble. I am looking for more of a shorty style because I don't plan to go scuba diving like he will be doing, but intend to be doing a lot of snorkeling and my bikini and tankini are beach pretty, not particularly water functional.  If a wetsuit or surfsuit isn't a possibility to even find in my size, a functional one piece would work too.  I'm really interested in something I can wear for active water stuff without worrying about losing it, but figure the wetsuit/surfsuit would give me a bit more sun protection.

Does anyone have any direction where I can look?  The biggest I've seen is about a size 18, but I wear a size 24.  Thanks all.

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