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New Glasses! Slash, Zenni Optical Review
fat, purple hair, snuggie, lesbian, nerdy
I got new glasses, finally! I keep listening to 'Flawless' over and over. Zenni Optical was awesome. They have like, literally a million styles, and they were all fairly priced. I love my new glasses!
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Tailor recommendations in DTLA?
I know this is a weird Los Angeles specific question but I'm pretty desperate: I have a dress that needs some semi complicated tailoring done (the bodice is too tall) and all the places I've tried so far only do men's suits and simple hems. I live in Koreatown close to downtown but I'd travel a little bit further for a good tailor, especially one with experience tailoring clothes for plus size women. Any recommendations you have would help me out majorly! Thanks dudes

Old Navy
Tom Baker
Just a heads up to Old Navy shoppers. I received an email this morning stating they are restoring the option to return plus sized clothing both online and in store. They are also "creating a special forum of plus sized customers for insights and feedback." It also states come March they will feature plus sized bloggers on their website wearing their clothes. I haven't shopped at Old Navy since they stopped allowing free in store returns. The quality of their clothing just wasn't worth the extra hassle. I'm interested to see how these changes work out. Looking at the website they have a lot of really cute looking options. I may give them a try.

Coupon code 40% off
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Over the knee boot sock suggestions?
Does anyone have some recommendations for where to buy over the knee boot socks? I know it's kind of late in the season, but any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks! :)

Sort of OT but dont know where else to ask...
Have any of you all been to Sandals?  Hubs and I are thinking of Sandals Negril for our 10 year anniversary.   We are both larger folks.  He is about 275 and I 320.   Jet ski's, massage tables. life jackets,  bathrobes, etc.. ?

Did you do ok? Was it fun?

Eye makeup
another night of excellent eye makeup
Hi all!

I've looked through the tags a bit, but I haven't seen a real match for this.

Do any of you have any tips for eye makeup for someone a bit middle-aged (I'm nearly 38) and whose eyelids are bit fleshy and saggy?  Or if not those tips specifically, maybe some guidance on how to proceed with a search, or some links to tutorials?

The picture of me in my userpic is nearly 15 years old at this point, and my eyelids have, to say the least, changed.

Edited to change security -- didn't realize it would automatically lock down. (I'm a lurker these days, heh.)

Hey, folks - I'm trying to figure out sizing. I think y'all have ordered tights from We Love Colors, right? I'm about 5' 4.5", 285 pounds. I'm not sure whether to order for my height (A/B) or my weight (C/D or E?). They say they run a bit large, but I'm not quite sure what size to order.

What's your experience with their tights and sizing? Thanks in advance!

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Quick question:

Is there any weight limit for snowtubing?

My sister and I haven't gone for many years, the last time I went I was probably a good 40lbs lighter. (I'm dancing around 265-270 now. My sister is considerably heavier than me.) The ski resorts I'm looking into (in PA), don't have any restrictions listed. I could call the place directly, but honestly I'd rather avoid it. I thought I'd ask here first in case anyone had a current scoop.


Torrid tights
fat, purple hair, snuggie, lesbian, nerdy
I recently bought a pair of tights from Torrid and I went to pull them up and they just completely shredded in my hand. I don't even have any nails at all (#lesbianproblems). I tried to wear them anyway with boots over them, and they sagged all morning and the crotch got lower and lower until it had stretched to my knees (luckily under a tea-length dress). I finally had to ditch them during my break. Has anyone else has issues with their tights quality? Where can I get inexpensive tights? I've bought from Walmart in the past but they rip relatively fast, and I'm a 3x, so most of them don't fit right. I like funky tights, and I like Target's colors a lot, but I can't fit in them. Luckily, I got the Torrid tights with a gift card on clearance for like $3, but still. tl;dr- tights suggestions pls. Thanks!

I have a plethora of ootds to share with you all! Let me know what you think! :D

Get Your Shit Together is my new motto for 2015! Check it out here.
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